How Important is it to be Familiar with the Governmental Process?

As an outsider to government and politics, President Trump is clearly an underdog in comparison to President Obama. It seems as though President Trump is rushing through his agenda like he doesn’t have four more years left. I understand that he ran on a platform of change and reform, but if he isn’t going to be successful in implementing change even with a Republican majority in both houses of congress. I’m not exactly sure if he understands how much of joke it is that he couldn’t get the American Healthcare Act to pass. Now, it’s not just our joke of a President’s fault, Republican leadership as a whole is to blame… and the rest of them should know better.

President Obama clearly tried and succeeded to pass healthcare reform during his administration. Because of his understanding that good legislation does not form overnight, he took his time.  It took over a year for the Obama Administration in conjunction with Congress to form the Affordable Care Act. This Bill went through the appropriate procedures as set by the precedent of the legislative branch. Trump, on the other hand, ran a campaign solely based on promises, but promises he won’t be able to keep.

Trump cannot continue to act in such unpredictable ways with complete disregard for the system and the way it is supposed to work. He is not helping his approval ratings at all. Hopefully, he will settle into the office soon, and gain a sense of diplomacy.


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